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Despite those seven years, the couple has only been married for two and a half years.15, where they relayed that the decision to end their marriage was "mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year." They said, Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly.When it comes to privacy issues, it's a tough one, because I'm a talker."What she would admit is this: "I'll just tell you that this is the happiest time of my life—that I'm happier than I've ever been.

Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.

Any sorrowful tweets posted Thursday in response to the news that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had separated were instantaneously overwhelmed by a wave of joyous realization that Aniston and Brad Pittare now free to return to their rightful place by each other's side. Together they were an honest-to-goodness golden couple (not least because of their enviable tans), the head cheerleader and the quarterback, king and queen of the prom.

The last 13 years we've been in bizarro mode, spinning off course, and now the world can finally right itself., we even felt a twinge of possibility that Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were still meant to be.) When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt got together in 1998, everything was just great. Pitt was still in When their romance first blossomed in the spring of 1998, they bided their time before going public, denying reports when they were still in the getting-to-know-you phase and then taking pains not to be photographed together, even when they arrived at places in the same car.

When he is in NYC, Jen will catch up with friends and enjoys her own life. Maybe the couple wasn't destined for marriage, but perhaps a joint business in interior design is in the stars for them? Some are saddened to hear of the couple's split, while a few others have theories on what this split means for... (Aniston's ex, Brad Pitt, split from his wife Angelina Jolie in 2016.) Fans noted that the two are now both single again, and are rolling with it.

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