Who is keyshia cole dating in 2016

Continue Back in February, reports began surfacing that Keyshia had a new man on her arm and he was only 22. As expected, there was a lot of judgment because how dare a woman do what men have been doing for years.We watched Keyshia as a very cautious newcomer back in 2005; it was clear that she was closed off to love because of what she had been through and had a very tall wall erected around her heart.Love brought marriage and a baby but the marriage ended a few years later.No one would have blamed Keyshia for retreating from love and erecting an even higher wall around her heart. Last year he was playing for the OKC Thunder as Russell Westbrook’s sidekick, getting called a bum the whole time.

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I’ve always preferred to date older, I’ll even go 15 years older.

Recently, there has been a 29-year-old fella that’s been trying to get with your girl and I haven’t gone past flirting cause he’s 29.

We celebrated when Daniel Gibson broke through that wall and got our girl to smile and experience love.

Her hit song Sent From Heaven had a whole new meaning since that it appeared that it had come to pass.

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