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Here, in the third installemnt from her new memoir, “This Family of Mine,” Victoria Gotti reveals the truth about her marriage and her husband how terrorized her — details she never dared tell her father. I remember my father’s face — his expression was as stiff as stone, his eyes glaring. He checked his Rolex repeatedly before turning to me and saying, “I’m giving Carmine five more minutes.

Then I’m calling off the wedding and hunting him down like a wild animal. ” Tears welled in my eyes as I realized things were going terribly wrong.

We could go home and you could change into something more appropriate and we could just have fun tonight.” Believe me, I was tempted — God knows there were many signs telling me to run.

But we’d come this far and, now, with the entire church filled with people, I just bit the bullet and kissed my father on the cheek, told him I loved him, and we walked down the aisle.

His threats to Agnello regarding how he expected his daughter to be treated were heeded — at least until the Dapper Don was locked up in 1992 for a decade until his death in prison. 9, 1984, my father, my sister, Angel, and I rode to St.

By the late ’90s, as Victoria was raising their sons — Carmine, John and Frank — she discovered Agnello was a member of her father’s crime family, and she saw him become a paranoid, violent, gun-toting maniac at home. Mary Gate of Heaven Church in Ozone Park in a vintage white Bentley. It’s no secret that my father was convinced I was making a mistake, probably the “biggest mistake of my life.” When we arrived, it was 20 minutes past noon and the ceremony was scheduled to begin promptly at , but the groom, Carmine Agnello, and his family had not yet arrived.

Dad turned to me and, with a look of sincerity and eyes filled with tears, said, “Vicki, you still don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

When the competition stole many of his loyal clients, Carmine went ballistic.These manic episodes became more and more frequent, as did the depressive ones.One night while I was serving dinner, he said something that greatly disturbed me.Law enforcement had built a sting operation, and was intentionally egging him on, and Carmine fell right into his trap. I made a comment like, “I just don’t understand why law enforcement is so interested in Carmine.It’s not like he’s somebody.” By which I meant somebody involved in the life. I also said, “If one reporter prints that Carmine is a mobster, I’m going to sue.” My mother said, “Vicki, don’t get involved in something you know nothing about.

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The fleet of limos sent to pick up my fiancé and his family had never arrived.

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