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Facebook revamped profiles earlier this week, and launched a bunch of new features, but one of the most surprising things hasn’t even been announced – a feature that lets you know who has been clicking on your profile.Okay, I’m basing this on personal observation, but bear with me.I’m going to stop with these examples, but you see what I mean.

Then I’d remember it was Jay from some random holiday 2 years ago.

Tape 9 addresses Justin Foley — his second in the series — but the events revealed on that tape largely refer to a girl that Hannah chooses not to name: "You'd been with the same girl all night," Hannah explains.

"But I'm not gonna call her out by name even though, if you were at that party, you already know." The party in question is the back-to-school celebration thrown by Jessica Davis at the start of their junior year.

Okay you say – so that’s just people you interact with the most, Facebook is just giving you links to people you are most interested in, same as it does with the news feed where it pushes people that you click on and interact with most. Of those 15 people, 5 or so are people I interact with regularly, the other 10 aren’t.

And I don’t regularly click on their profiles either. but there are others I would check much more regularly.

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The audience then watches in horror as Bryce forces his way into the room and rapes Jessica.

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