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The problem is that there is a bug in the desktop code in this version of TOS that prevents the user from booting into Medium Resolution. Once it is executed in the AUTO folder, the problem no longer exists. PRG STE_FIX fixes the infamous Desktop Medium/Low resolution bug.

The following illustration shows how IBM® Personal Computer™ DOS version 1.00 would appear on a display screen when booting up.

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Matrixer is a piece of software especially suited for teaching econometrics and doing medium-scale applied research.

Since a date must be entered in order to continue, we've shown an example date entry using green text here: COMMAND COM 3231 08-04-81 FORMAT COM 2560 08-04-81 CHKDSK COM 1395 08-04-81 SYS COM 896 08-04-81 DISKCOPY COM 1216 08-04-81 DISKCOMP COM 1124 08-04-81 COMP COM 1620 08-04-81 DATE COM 252 08-04-81 TIME COM 250 08-04-81 MODE COM 860 08-04-81 EDLIN COM 2392 08-04-81 DEBUG COM 6049 08-04-81 BASIC COM 10880 08-04-81 BASICA COM 16256 08-04-81 A 049F:0100 49 42 4D 42 49 4F 20 20-43 4F 4D 06 00 00 00 00 IBMBIO COM.....

049F:0110 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00-F7 02 02 00 80 07 00 00 ........w.......

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