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My prime teenage years were the early 70's and 2SM was the only station that existed as far as my friends and I were concerned. I was 43 yo in May this year, so I remember 2SM from it's days in the early 60's as "Top of the Dial, Radio 2SM", with the Beatlemania thing as my earliest 2SM memory.

I have some material that might be of interest, photocopys of the 2SM top 100 song lists from the posters for 1970, 1971, 1972, 1978 and one undated (riddled with Abba songs, 1976? He swapped me a recording of the program for all day 1st January 1974, playing the top 100 of 1973, commercials, news, celeb. Very best regards and once again congrats Debbie for your excellent tribute to a truly ‘REMARKABLE’ radio station. The '70's of course were the best period for SM, with 1978 the standout as you say.

Please email me if you think I can help with further info.

Regards John Simmons From: Sharon Donaldson Subject: thank you Date: Tue, Hi Debbie Wayne Mac sent me your website to look at the 2SM history.

I was wondering if you would have any info on the 2SM top 100's for any other years for the late 60's or 70's? From: MCCARDELL, Wayne Date: Fri, Subject: A Site to behold Hi Debbie About your remarkable Website. A bloke I know named Steve Bamford sent me your link. A kind of Glenn A Baker of Australian commercial radio, or so some people say. I helped Wayne a little with that, including some very nostalgic cataloguing of some promo's from the late 70's. Warm regards, (Mr) Chris Mc Lenaghan From: Jim Forbes Subject: 2sm pages Date: Sat, hi - i just stumbled across your 2sm shrine - thanks, and well done.

As you know he’s interested in 2SM charts and that’s why he contacted me in Canberra some years back. I grew up in Sydney and cut my radio teeth on 2SM and 2UW. while i was but a wee chap (having been born in 1975), i well remember the glory days - not in the least because the ever-silly Honourable Nick's my uncle.

i can vaguely remember his bursting out of a cake at luna park (1979 i think) to celebrate something to do with the station - monocle and all...

Your passion, clear writing and organisation are a powerful tribute to our mutual time with 2SM.

Some have been edited for length, privacy or other reasons. My friend Wayne Mc Cardell alerted me to your web page today.

The most recent messages are at the From: Mary Kellam Subject: another 2SM fan Date: Thu, Thanks enjoyed your site. By what other ‘hyphenated’ surname would we know Alan Steele? My God, I got goose bumps reading your tribute to what Wayne and I refer to as "The Sacred Station".

Production with Rod Thomas Tony Poulsen Music/Programming with John Brennan, Garvin Rutherford (GM) Bill Stephenson (GM).

As you may know Ian Mac Rae is doing breakfast for us at Radio 2 1611 AM and Hon Nick does a bit for us on a Saturday Morning.

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