You tube wanda dating game

The guy couldn't wait to tell his pals about his experience and sure enough, when the next slow song came on, another guy asked Wanda to dance with him and another one asked Josie.

Like their friend they were both able to pull a tit of both Wanda and Josie, out for the enjoyment of everyone there.

When the song ended they were so hot and wasted that they didn't bother to cover themselves up.

By that time, many of the partygoers had left including most if not all of the women.

She willingly accepted his offer and soon the both of them were dancing to a slow song in a corner of the dance floor that was in the shadows.Every guy enjoyed watching them bouncing all over the place.The guys at the table made a seat available for Wanda and Josie and they sat down without putting their tits away.He could feel her hard nipple through the silk material of her blouse.She made no attempt to stop him feeling her up and he got a little bolder.

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Each and every guy who danced with them got to feel them up and expose their tit to the crowd.

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